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The Payments Hub Our Story

Founded in 2018,

The Payments Hub offers customers and clients a true

"One-Stop" Solution for all your Merchant Services, 

Payment Processing, and ATM product needs.


You'll receive white glove treatment while experiencing the customer service of a family-owned business.

We offer you the options of competitive per transaction/ processing rates, customized Point of Sale solutions, online payment acceptance, self-service kiosks, mobile payment acceptance, ATM and Bitcoin ATM solutions, and more. 

The Payments Hub Our Vision
  • Clients come first.

  • Client communication is always kept strictly confidential. 

  • We listen to your wants while hearing your needs. 

  • Solutions will always be in the best interest of fulfilling the needs of your business.

  • Implement solutions quickly and expediently.

  • Maintain honesty and transparency.

  • Ensure "it's done correctly the first time." 

The Payments Hub Our Technology

Since our technology partners include many well-known industry creators, players, and innovators, we are able to provide all our customers with flexibility, competitive rates, customized

hardware and software solutions, and a consistent positive experience all while maintaining customer service akin to the local business that we are. Having reputable

partners supporting us also means that you'll have access to the latest technology available, the most secure tokenization and encryption pathways to keep your customers' information safe, and the ability to keep track of transactional activities in real-time using your smartphone or laptop from anywhere in the world. 

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