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POS Systems
Terminals/Handheld POS

Point Of Sale (POS)

Businesses usually fall into two categories: Those that already have a Point of Sale system and those that need a new set-up in order to receive payments from their customers. Most of the time we are able to integrate one of our partner processors onto your existing Point of Sale system in order to lower your existing rate forever. 


We also offer well-known POS systems that streamline customer flow, fully integrate with the industry apps that you need, accept contactless payments (Tap to Pay), contain all the management and reporting tools you could want, can be configured for line busting as well as kiosk set-up and integration.

What makes us different? Call us and find out. 

Clover Devices
Vital Select POS
Vital E500 POS
Lightspeed Products

Wireless Terminals &
Countertop Terminals

Accept any payment at your counter or on the move with a variety of next-generation terminals. EMV chip and PIN, swipe and contactless payments have never been easier. Accept "Tap to Pay" with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay while utilizing the latest cryptographic schemes with future-proof key lengths which keep your customers' data safe, private, and secure during every single transaction. Whether connected via Ethernet, WIFI, or Bluetooth, we have the terminal for you.

Self-Service Kiosks
And Self Checkout

Set your restaurant, or business, up with walk-up kiosk ordering stations, tableside ordering, drive-thru/curbside pay, tableside contactless payments, or a combination of all.

Create a smooth and seamless ordering and transaction flow

for both your employees and customers all by adding the convenience of self-service ordering, self-paying, and speed checkout.

Verifone V200C Plus
Ingenico Terminals
First-Data FD-150
Clover Flex
Clover Mini
Vital A920
Applova Kiosk
Clover Samsung Kiosk

Mobile Card Readers

Accept mobile payments on the go, in the field, at client locations, or even during festivals and events. Accepting any type of payment is easy- from in-person EMV chip and tap, swipe, to online payments all on your phone or tablet.  Keep track of your transaction history, your business performance, apply item discount pricing on the run, access customer payment status, top-selling items and manage employee access from anywhere. 

Vital Mobile Reader
Swipe Simple B250
Clover Go

Online Payments and E-Commerce

Use our gateway to accept online payments originating from anywhere.  Our online gateway features QuickBooks syncing, the ability for you to create and link to hosted payment pages, create seamless integrations with our collection of SDKs and APIs, set up customer recurring payments, create and email customer invoices, and more.

Compatible with over 125 shopping cart integrations, over 200 payment processors, most physical payment terminals, and containing a virtual terminal which allows you to swipe cards or key in payment details from a PC, laptop, or smart device browser securely. Design the perfect e-commerce payments experience for your customers directly on your website and maximize your online business with a full-featured platform.

The Payments Hub Gateway
The Payments Hub Powered By NMI
Mobile Card Readers
Online Payments/E-Commerce

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