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    give your customers additional purchasing power at your atms with Liberty X

Now Your ATM Can Do Much More Than Just Dispense Cash

LibertyX ATM

We have teamed up with LibertyX to enable Bitcoin purchases at your ATMs and in doing so, have given you the flexibility to offer an additional value-added service to your customers and to attract those that believed buying Bitcoin at a "traditional" ATM was not possible. 

It's easy to get started and there is no cost to you. In fact, whether you already own ATMs or need ATM placements, getting you set up is simple, fast, easy, not to mention you'll receive a commission on every Bitcoin purchase transaction. 

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Some Common Questions:

Am I At Risk For Selling Bitcoin? Do I Need To Register Anywhere?

No. Your ATM facilitates a top-up transaction for LibertyX.  They are the MSB and fulfills all compliance and KYC obligations.


Why Should I Offer It? Can't People Just Buy Online With Coinbase Or Other Exchanges?

Online exchanges like Coinbase, Gemini, and others have a holding time to receive Bitcoin of 5 business days or longer. With LibertyX, the Bitcoin is instant and in the customer's wallet immediately.  The majority of our customers are choosing LibertyX for instant Bitcoin.  

How Much Bitcoin Can My Customers Purchase?

Customers can buy between $5 and up to $5,000 worth of Bitcoin.

How Will People Know That My ATMs Sell Bitcoin Through LibertyX? Do You Offer Signage?

LibertyX will market your ATMs on their locator and mobile app in addition to Google, Apple, Bing, and dozens of other platforms.

Signage will be provided for your business (ATM decal and window sticker) and additional marketing materials, to include ATM wraps, are available for purchase. 

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